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India Catches the Banning Bug, Imposes Emergency Measures to Halt BBC's Contagious Modi Documentary!

Why did the BBC unleash its explosive documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots, casting a shadow on PM Narendra Modi, after two decades of silence? And why has it been banned in India, fueling the fire of censorship? Coincidence or part of a sinister conspiracy? Let's delve deep and uncover the truth!

As Britain teeters on the brink of economic catastrophe, with energy inflation soaring to new heights and #Brexit causing financial ruin, the country has struggled to maintain stability and order amidst a revolving door of Prime Ministers.

In the cutthroat world of #geopolitics, where order of authority reigns supreme, leaders are measured by their global influence, often taking reference from the tumultuous events of #WorldWarII. A decade ago, the world's most powerful political figures hailed from countries such as the US, UK, China, #Russia, France, Germany, Japan, and India. But, with the rise of the Asian economy and Europe's stagnation, along with Russia's sidelining due to the Ukraine conflict and Britain's failure to keep pace, the ranking has shifted dramatically.

Today, the global political stage is dominated by #JoeBiden of the US, Xi Jinping of China, #NarendraModi of India, #EmmanuelMacron of France, Fumio Kishida of Japan, Olaf Scholz of Germany, and #RishiSunak of the UK. These leaders wield unparalleled power and influence, shaping the future of the world with each calculated move and daring decision. But, with great power comes great responsibility, and the question remains - will they rise to the challenge and secure their place in history, or will they falter under the weight of their ambitions?

As the Prime Minister of the UK slips from a respectable 2nd place in the global rankings to a lackluster 7th, India and its dynamic leader, Narendra Modi, have risen to prominence as a true force to be reckoned with. With a population of 140 crore, equating to 20% of the world, and a rapidly growing economy, India and its Prime Minister are on the cusp of global success and widespread acceptance.

This has caused concern for the UK, as the notion of India's philosophy of "live and let live" becomes increasingly threatening, particularly when it comes to energy. The fact that India is purchasing energy from Russia and not taking sides with the West to support sanctions has only added fuel to the fire, irking those in the West who seek to maintain their dominant position on the global stage.

While the UK could potentially reclaim its political influence over France, Germany, and Japan with an improved economy, losing the coveted 3rd position to India would mean the loss of prestige and power forever. In light of this, the recent BBC documentary attacking the leadership skills of Narendra Modi and painting a negative image to the Arab and Muslim world (35% of the world population) is a desperate and dangerous move by the UK to prevent India from gaining acceptance in the global arena.

This is just another example of the UK's age-old tactics of "Divide and Rule" and a clear attempt to undermine India's rise to power.

It is worth noting that the West must not lecture India about its policies towards its own people, especially when they have been executing genocidal projects across the Middle East for the last three decades. The notion that the West has suddenly become soft-hearted towards the Muslim community is questionable at best. Europe must understand that Europe's problems are its own, and not the rest of the world's to solve, just as Asia's problems are Asia's to tackle.

As a concerned Indian, I suggest UK/BBC turn to India's rich history for documentary content instead of criticizing PM Modi. India's history offers ample opportunities to showcase its ancient civilizations and modern achievements, boosting UK/BBC's relationship with India and the world. Instead of worrying about Western media, Indians should focus on the Adani Group's financials. Investigate shell companies in Mauritius, scrutinize Adani's stock pumping and manipulation of stock elasticity and float.

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