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Outcomes of Russia-Ukraine War: Global Economic Catastrophe Pushes Millions into Poverty

It has been a year since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began on February 24th, 2022, and the impact of the ongoing fight has not only caused a humanitarian catastrophe but also has significant consequences for the global economy. The conflict has disrupted commodity production, causing soaring global prices, including those of oil, natural gas, and food. The disruption has led to slower growth and faster inflation, with the entire global economy feeling the effects.

The World Bank notes that the conflict is the second major shock to the global economy in two years and has caused poverty and hunger in countries with weaker social safety nets. Ukraine's poverty rate is projected to increase, affecting nearly 30% of the population if the conflict becomes more severe and protracted. Food prices have surged, pushing an additional 40 million people under the $1.90-per-day poverty line.

Moreover, the conflict has destroyed critical fields, stores, infrastructure, and production, especially in eastern Ukraine, and disrupted shipping from the Black Sea, where 90% of Ukraine's grains are exported. The resulting rise in food prices may lead to social tensions, especially in countries with limited fiscal space and unpopular governments, such as Egypt, which imports about 80% of its wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

The conflict is also having a significant impact on energy trade, with Russia being a prominent provider of natural gas to Europe. The rise in natural gas prices has been sharp for Europe due to limited spare capacity and constraints in transport. The IMF notes that economies reliant on oil imports would see wider fiscal and trade deficits along with more inflation pressure. However, exporters in the Middle East and Africa may benefit from higher prices.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has also contributed to the economic crisis, which has led to significant job losses across the globe. Multinational corporations (MNCs) have been forced to lay off a large number of employees due to the disruption in global supply chains and the decline in demand for their products and services. In 2022, MNCs laid off over 2 million employees worldwide, with the worst-hit sectors being Aviation, Hospitality, IT Services, and Retail.

In summary, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not only a threat to the stability of the region but also has major ramifications for the global economy. Disruptions in commodity production, the rise in food and energy prices, and the resulting poverty and hunger are causing slower growth and faster inflation. Countries with weaker social safety nets and limited fiscal space are particularly vulnerable. The conflict's impact on energy trade is causing wider fiscal and trade deficits and inflation pressure for economies reliant on oil imports.

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